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Ultimate Clickfunnels Guide For Affiliate Bloggers & Marketers

Learn about an amazing marketing software that will change the way you generate leads and make money online through your blog or website.

What is Clickfunnels for Bloggers?

It is a software by Russell Brunson that allows bloggers to consistently generate new leads and sell products and earn handsome money.

lead generation tool clickfunnels for bloggers

It has been specifically created for people (bloggers, marketers, small biz owners) who want to start their own online business and generate online income by capturing leads.

Why Bloggers Need Clickfunnels?

As a blogger myself, I know how difficult and time consuming it can be to set-up the entire process of capturing attention of visitors, converting them into leads, nurturing them and eventually turning them into a buying customer.

It definitely costs you lot of time and even more money to maintain the entire set-up.

With this marketing tool, you can create landing pages that will grab attention of the visitors, capture their email, easily add them to email autoresponder, nurture them the right way and eventually turn them into buying customers.

Features of Clickfunnels:

The software covers almost every type of marketing funnel that can be implemented for lead generation, lead nurturing and also selling low cost to high ticket products.

features offered by clickfunnel

You will have lots of ready to use templates when you sign up with Clickfunnels.

22 templates that cover different categories.

The best is that these funnels can be easily changed as per your requirement. It barely takes few minutes to get your funnel ready.

What makes it even more attractive is that it has an easy & powerful editor that does not overwhelm you.

It makes it easy for you to either create a brand new funnel from scratch or customize the existing one from Clickfunnels library.

Advantages of Clickfunnels:

1. Full features available for the 14-day free trial version too.
2. Quickly set-up funnels.
3. Professional and easily customizable templates.
4. Saves a lot of time.
5. Inbuilt analytics to assess campaign performance.
6. A single dashboard for all the activity monitoring.
7. Makes it simple to automate various components of funnel.
8. You get a free domain.
9. SSL secure.

Disadvantages of Clickfunnels:

1. A steep but easy to understand learning curve.
2. Sometimes funnel loading is slow.
3. Number of funnels, pages and visitors are dependent on the plan you choose.
4. A slightly expensive plans.

Real Life Example:

I wanted to promote a free 5 day online training program that teaches how to start an online business. If I hadn’t used Clickfunnels then it would have taken me a lot of money and time to set-up the entire funnel & the process.

But I was able to do the entire process in just 1 day and that too for free!

I edited an existing template (which suited my goal), set-up a training funnel and also integrate my email software with Clickfunnels in just 1 day.

The best part is that if I want to create another funnel (similar to my existing one) all I have to do is create a copy of it.

Make the changes as required and I have a brand new funnel in barely few minutes. What’s even more awesome is that I can share this funnel with others without any problem.

All they need is a Clickfunnels account to use it. The funnel can also be shared with free 14 day trial account holder too.

Cool, isn’t it?

So let’s look at.

What You Can Use Clickfunnels For?

The primary goal of Clickfunnels is to help you create various types of marketing sales funnels irrespective of whether you sell a product or give it for free.

Some of the things that you can create using Clickfunnels are:
1. Landing pages
2. Squeeze pages
3. Webinars
4. Membership sites
5. Every type of sales funnel you can think of, complete with order bumps, upsells and downsells.

Besides, you also get to create, run and manager your own affiliate program when you subscribe to its highest prices plan; Etison Suite.

Clickfunnels Training Material:

Russell Brunson is a marketing genius and he knows that people need help for a marketing tool like Clickfunnels. That’s why he has put in an incredible amount of work to create helpful and valuable training material for newbies.

This includes training videos, e-books, interviews and much more. You will learn a great deal about how to turn new visitors into prospective leads and then into buying customers.

If you are stuck with anything related to Clickfunnels then their support has your back.

You can get in touch with them via phone and email.

Replies from them are prompt and to the point. I have personally used their support (when I had a problem with one of the funnels) and was very happy with their response time & solutions that they offered.

Clickfunnels Price Plans:

clickfunnels monthly price plans chart

Clickfunnels comes with two price plans: Start-Up which costs $97 per month and Full Suite which costs $297 per month. The main difference between the two plans is number of funnels and landing pages that you can create.

Below are additional details of each price plan.

$97/month (Basic Plan):

It comes with following features:
• Number of Funnels:20
• Number of Pages:100
• Number of Visitors: 20,000
• Number of Leads: Unlimited
• Custom Domains: 3
• Number of Billing Option Integrations: 1

$297 (Full Suite):

It comes with following features:
• Number of Funnels: Unlimited
• Number of Pages: Unlimited
• Number of Visitors: Unlimited
• Number of Leads: Unlimited
• Custom Domains: Unlimited
• Number of Billing Option Integrations: 3

The Clickfunnels Full Suite plan also comes with:

Actionetics: Clickfunnels own email automation platform which lets you send emails and SMS.
Backpack: It is a tool that helps you to create your own affiliate program that will allow you to let people promote your products or services for a commission.

If you have a product that you want other people to sell as affiliate then Clickfunnel Backpack is an amazing tool to do it with absolute ease.

I know not everyone can afford to start with such price point.

So there’s a not well-known and perfectly legal solution that will let you pay very little and yet use Clickfunnels as a paid subscriber.

It is called Shared Funnel plan which costs just $19/month and not many people know about this.

The only limitation with this plan is that you can create only 3 funnels and 10 pages.

Usually, a single funnel doesn’t have too many pages that’s why this could be your best choice to try out Clickfunnels as a paid subscribers. Once you start earning money then you can switch over to other plans.

If you are just starting off with marketing/sales funnels then this is a price that you can easily afford.

But there’s just one thing that you should know before you go with the $19 plan.

You can only get it if you sign-up Clickfunnels trial via someone’s Share funnel link.

Even if paying $19/month is a bit too much for you then no worries.

Clickfunnels come with a free two week trial period option which lets you test it without any limitations.

Once the trial period is over you can choose anyone of the above mentioned monthly paid plans.

But wait. That’s not all.

It is not just about putting money into Russell’s bank account and fatten his account balance.

The Clickfunnels affiliate program lets you earn much more money than what you are investing in it.

How To Make Money As Clickfunnels Affiliate?

Clickfunnels offer its own affiliate program that will allow you to earn money by promoting its wide range of high quality products. This includes webinars, courses, e-books and much more.

The commission rate of 40% is probably one of the highest in the industry which ensures you earn good amount of affiliate money on every product brought through your affiliate link.

You need to decide which content format/s will help your target audience to solve the problems they’re facing.

Based on that you can choose the product that fits in with the solution.

clickfunnels affiliate program commission structure

One of the biggest advantage of this affiliate program is the “Sticky Cookie” concept. So what exactly is it?

Suppose someone registers for a webinar or a presentation through your affiliate link through desktop and ends up watching it on their mobile and eventually buys a Clickfunnels product, you get the credit for it. You won’t have to worry about change in device or anything of that sort.

You also get commission when someone orders a “free plus shipping” product and later buys a paid product.

The company has paid 11 million dollars in affiliate commission which had average commission pay out of $2,552.56 and median payout of $458.70.

But this just doesn’t end there.

They have taken the affiliate rewards system to another crazy level with their “Dream Car” contest that lets the affiliates win their dream car.

Once you, as an affiliate, get 100 active subscribers under you then Clickfunnels start paying $500 every month for you to buy your dream car. Affiliates have got super expensive cars, paid by Clickfunnels.

If you get 200 active subscribers under you then you are paid $1000 every month.

Clickfunnels pays for your dream car

On top of this, Clickfunnels will continue to pay you the monthly affiliate commission (for active sign-ups) as well. The dream car is just a mega bonus.

This is not a scam. It is for real.

Clickfunnels affiliates have actually won their dream cars by promoting and selling the products.

Need proof?

You can have a look at the winners of this contest here.

Besides, there are lot of amazing things that Clickfunnels offer and awesome lead generating funnels happen to be just one of them.

How To Promote Clickfunnels For Free To Earn Affiliate Income?

With so many affiliate income earning opportunities with Clickfunnels, it can be a bit overwhelming while deciding how to promote them.

Here’s a suggestion.

Focus on just any one Clickfunnels product in the beginning.

When you start promoting it, your marketing efforts will be in sync and easier to manage.

There are two marketing options; paid and organic (free).

Some of the organic promotional methods are:

1. SEO: Clickfunnels has SEO option that lets you make it more Google friendly and get higher rank in search results.

2. Email Marketing: If you have an existing email list, then you can run a promotional campaign for them.

3. Blogging: You can write content around the product that you want to promote by showing it can solve a problem faced by your target audience.

4. Social Media: Facebook groups are all the rage now a days. Make the most of it by promoting your product within it. But be careful of not spamming the group of constant promotional posts as you might end up getting banned.

Paid promotional methods include Facebook Ads, Google Adwords and Sponsored Content.

My Personal Clickfunnels Product Recommendation:

If you are looking for an incredibly awesome and very affordable product to promote then I highly recommend One Funnel Away (OFA) Challenge where you can get trained for a month by experts.

Russel Brunson has created this for those who want to become an online entrepreneur. It is beginner friendly.

Training is aimed at giving you skills, knowledge to go from a blogger/marketer to an online entrepreneur making big money.

I have written an in-depth post on this Clickfunnels challenge for aspiring and existing online entrepreneur.

Read it here –> OFA Challenge

Final Words:

Clickfunnels is definitely a blessing for bloggers, marketers and aspiring online entrepreneurs who wants to create professional sales funnels that can generate new leads & revenue for them.

They can definitely save time and money on technical aspects which will allow them to focus on other important things.

Give Clickfunnels a try for free. You have nothing to lose but a lot more to gain and also earn too.

(Note: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links)

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