Facebook Algorithm Update 2018: Experts Reveal Their Strategy To Ace It

The Facebook Algorithm Update of January 2018 has definitely rattled a lot of brands and of course the social media marketers. Also referred to as Facebook Zero, the algorithm is focusing on news feed of the users with an aim to deliver a personalized feed. This, in turn, will definitely have an impact on brands’ engagement with their target audience on Facebook.

Highlights of Facebook Algorithm Update:

1. Trustworthy and quality posts will get more love from Facebook.
2. Focus on posts that deliver meaningful conversations.
3. Click-bait type posts will get down voted.
4. More personalized feed which means posts from family and friends will be preferred over public/commercial (read business) posts.
5. Focus on Live videos rather than recorded ones.

But this doesn’t mean that you should fear the recent change to Facebook algorithm or totally give up on Facebook.

Absolutely not.

Here are strategies revealed by some of the leading social media experts that will help you and your business not only survive but also beat the latest Facebook algorithm update, prosper & win over your customers.

Rajat Jain (CEO, Shootorder.com):

facebook-algorithm-update-2018-expert-strategiesBusiness page will have lesser organic reach to prioritize content from friends and family. The idea behind this tough move is to have meaningful engagements and reduce fake/rumours/controversial posts from the activity feed.

Brands will have to invest more time in creating quality and engaging content if they want to succeed.

Here are few tips to be prepared for this change:

1. Start allotting a small budget for your daily posts and their engagement.
2. Focus more on videos, preferably live videos.
3. Page likes alone won’t do the trick, start asking people to not just like but also follow your page as well.

Sneha Das (COO, Ittisa):


Facebook’s latest algorithm update has made life all the more harder for marketers. The newest update about Organic reach measurement goes to show that the views and reach numbers must have just been inflated all this while. This is because any post irrespective of whether it entered the screen of a viewer or not was considered in Organic reach.

The best way to try and ace this latest update would be ‘Quality content’. Engaging and meaningful content is now all the more important than ever as Facebook’s main objective has changed to showing you relevant content to help you have more meaningful social interactions.

Marketers have to strive hard to create engaging content in every post, as this is the only way to ensure quality organic reach. Brands also have to do exceptional storytelling, beyond just promotional stuff to ensure reach.

Another tip is to consider ‘Facebook Live’. Live videos on average get six times as many interactions as regular videos and are going to be one of the most popular tools for marketers to reach out to their page’s audience.

The new update seems unfair to begin with, but hey at least Facebook is now owning up to it.

Sanjeev Nambudiri (Co-Founder, Midas Social):
Facebook’s impact is clearly much greater in the B2C context than in the B2B context. As a B2B specialist social media agency we have found Facebook most useful for driving employee engagement and for talent-focused branding.

That apart, the platform is extremely effective for showcasing participation in events, product launches, and speaking sessions. The changed Facebook algorithm seems to be impacting this kind of content less than you would expect –presumably because the audience it is intended for is generally more primed to engage with it.

The onus is on us, as marketers, to create content that offer genuine value to the target audience –that’s a sure way to beat any algorithm.

Deep Sherchan (Co-Founder, Simplify360):


The main agenda behind the repetitive change in algorithms of Facebook is to deliver the relevant content to the audience. As long as the audience is engaging with the content and sharing them, Facebook would definitely push that content.

In parallel to Facebook, if you look at the Google Page Ranking, it’s the same. Google Page Ranking has gone multiple changes to make sure businesses would not try to game them.

Hence, the only way to make sure your content gets enough visibility is by knowing your audience and creating targeted content to them. Facebook has created resourceful targeting tool to allow you do that research. Use them effectively, optimize your content.

Priya Florence Shah (Founder, Blog Brandz):


The Facebook zero algorithm has decreased organic reach of posts that were previously getting a lot of engagement, like video posts.

Here are two ways to get around it:

1. If you are willing to pay to play then increase your Facebook ad spend to get more reach and engagement on your post.

2. Posts from Facebook groups are still getting a good amount of reach in the newsfeed. If you haven’t already, now is the time to start a group on an interesting subject. Don’t use it for overt promotion. Be subtle and get your message across in creative ways.

Sorav Jain (Founder, echoVME):


Brands should invest in growing their Facebook messenger subscriber with help of third party chatbots – as the opening rate of Facebook messages are much higher than email opening rate.

Besides, if brands are on Instagram then should also focus on growing their Instagram follower-base as the reach there is much organic at present when compared to Facebook pages.

These are two important investments brands need to make in year 2018.

Prateek Shah (Founder, Digital Defynd):


The number one social media tip seeing the latest Facebook algorithm change is to start focusing on spending on Facebook ads. You can keep trying to game the system all you want, but it looks like Facebook is in no mood to offer businesses ‘free’ publicity now or later.


Aniketh Dsouza (Founder, Mindstorm):


My number one tip has always been the same ever since I started Mindstorm.

“Create content that drives conversations”.

The latest update proves that Facebook is headed towards the same direction of tracking longer responses than those driving short format responses.

Gajanan Sapate (Co Founder, Social Champs):


Facebook is always focused on user experience & networking element. For people to get real value & benefits of networking, facebook had been constantly improving its algorithm.

With recent algorithm, here is my take on it:

1. Local News:
In order to make experience more connected, facebook has now started focusing on local news. Which means, users feel more connected when they hear a local news from their area or vicinity. In order to keep people more engaged, Facebook will be giving prime importance to Local News Elements. For brands, they now need to really understand of how they serve their content in order to bring a local taste & flavor to it.

2. Trust:
Facebook will now be giving more weight-age to the content source. Hence it might really impact a lot of publishers. Although, brands can really now leverage local micro-influencers to get best reach for their content.

3. Interactive Content:
Along with relevance, Facebook has always been equally focused on the experience of content consumption. Hence we are seeing new formats of interactive content in our Facebook feeds. This would be growing quite exceptionally with the VR & AR being roping in.

I certainly feel that these are the good moves, since it is also pushing marketers to think a bit ahead from consumers content consumption patterns/interests/needs.

The Takeaway:
It is obvious that businesses need to focus more on quality and creating more engaging content whether it’s through videos or blogs or any other content format that you want to share on your Facebook page.

What is your advice for other social media marketers to deal with the latest Facebook algorithm update?
Share it in comments.

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