Email Open Rates : 7 Tips To Drastically Improve Them

Email marketing campaigns live and die by email open rates.

So how do you make sure your email subject line “clicks” with your readers & makes them click on it?

These 7 tips will show you how to create engaging email subject lines that will improve its open rates.

1. Keep It Short:

As far as subject line is concerned, the length certainly matters.

Ideally the subject line should have anything between 50 to 55 words; but strictly nothing more than that. Get directly to the point instead of writing a thesis-like subject line.


Most email service providers truncate the subject line beyond 55 characters. This is another very good reason as to why you must limit your subject line to max 55 characters.

Besides, now a days most people are using mobile to check their email. It thus makes even more sense to keep the subject line short.

2. Have A Clear Subject Line:

Your subject line should be clear enough for the recipient to understand or at least know what to expect inside the mail. An ambiguous subject line will get the user clicking that “send to trash” button or even worse, press that dreaded delete button.

Looking for irresistible email subject lines? Then you should read this helpful article by Optinmonster.

3. Have A Relevant Subject Line:

Since your intention of sending the mail is to keep the reader updated, then why use a subject line that indicates otherwise. You surely won’t send the latest updates about iPhone 3 when your reader is looking for updates on the latest Apple smartphone. That is dumb and a quick way to getting into that Junk folder.

Keep an eye on all the latest trends that are related to your domain and craft a headline keeping it in mind. This will not only make you appear on top of your game but also make the recipient click on the mail.

4. Personalize The Subject Line:

Sending a personalized email is a dual edged sword.

If done right, then it can definitely augur well for you and generate leads for your business. If not done properly, it can backfire too .

According to Experian Marketing Service, email open rate was boosted by 29.3% when subject line included name of the recipient. But that was not the only positive outcome.


The personalized approach also improved transaction rate (49% higher) as well as revenue (73%).

If you think that personalisation means to only add the name of the recipient then you are looking at wrong approach. A subject line that around the interest of target users is more likely to intrigue them rather than just seeing their names.

If you’re keen on more information about email personalization, here’s an interesting post which I think will great benefit you. Read it here.

5. Ask Questions:

People love talking about what they want or their likes and dislikes. So, asking a question is one of the best ways to initiate a conversation and in turn get that all important click on the mail from the reader.

Besides, it will also give you great ideas about your blog posts.

6. Create Urgency. Use Call To Action:

Call to action is a pillar of email marketing and if your subject line isn’t doing so then your mail is destined for doom.

Your subject line should be clear enough for the recipient to understand or at least know what to expect inside the mail.


People react when they have to do things on short period of time. Utilize this sense of urgency in your subject line.

Do you have your own suggestions on how to improve email opening rate using subject lines? Great! Share it in the comment section.

7. Get Your Email Campaign Timing Right:

As an email marketer, you should keep an eye on what time your target audience is opening your emails.

Go through the reports of previous email marketing campaigns to get a good idea of what is the right time to send the email to your subscribers list.

Those reports will also help you to find out the best days to send your emails so that they don’t get buried under other emails in your subscriber’s inbox.

Final Words:

With all email open rates tips shared above, you have to remember that your subscribers are human beings after all. Email is eventually a communication channel with them. It should have human side which your subscribers must be able to see and relate with. Otherwise it is a waste of your and their time.

What is/are your tips for improving email open rates?

Leave your tips and comments in the comment section below.

(This is a re-post of an article which was originally published on LinkedIn which you can read here)

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